Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Free Fire (2016) - Film Review


I've honestly not got on with a Ben Wheatley film since 2011's Kill List. I hated Sightseers, have yet to see A Field in England, and High-Rise I found to just be a mess. Free Fire is the most fun I've had from a Ben Wheatley film in a long time, but I was still oddly disappointed.

Free Fire is a fun film. It's a real-time action comedy that takes place in a warehouse after a gun deal goes wrong. I have soft-spot for single location films, and for the most part, Free Fire is succesful. It sadly loses momentum in a lot of places, even with its brief 90 minute runtime, leaving me a bit bored at times.

The films saving grace is its wonderful cast. Sharlto Copley gives his best performance since District 9, delivering a fun, silly and quotable character. The whole cast are great in fact, everyone is pretty much on top form. Even Armie Hammer was tolerable. I always love seeing Micheal Smiley too, he's great, I wish he was in more. There's even a surprising amount of heart between Cillian Murphy and Brie Larson which I didn't expect.

Brie Larson
The parts I did also love were the moments of grotesque violence among the dark comedy. It was quite refreshing to see a film where people are constantly shot until they bleed out and it was fun to see the cast limping more and more, getting closer to death as the film progressed.

Wheatley keeps a variety of interesting techniques and camera uses to keep the single location going. The camera pans through warehouse giving us a clear sense of geography in the single location of where everyone is.

Free Fire isn't always succesful, but for the most part its a fun and ambitious action comedy with a great cast, plus its pretty damn funny.

6/10 Dans

Free Fire is out March 31st in cinemas in the UK
Watch the trailer below:

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