Friday, 7 April 2017

The Boss Baby (2017) - Film Review


I'm not entirely sure what I witnessed, but I'm fairly sure I need therapy. The Boss Baby has to be one of the most insane and weirdest kids films I've seen in a while, but at the same time it was so by-the-numbers predictable and mostly just had me bored.

This is probably the only film in the world that'll have a scene involving a seemingly immortal and ageless baby having an acid trip with a 7 year old after they suck on pacifers. I'm not making this up. I sat there in utter amazement at what I was seeing. It was utter insanity.

Sadly, the rest of The Boss Baby doesn't hold up. It's the same, boring stuff the trailers made it out to be. There's a nice message for kids about accepting a new sibling come into your life, but aside from that and some decidely creative animation, there's nothing there.
The Boss Baby and family

The lead character, being a 7 year old boy made way for some creative scenes that elevate the mundanity of what was happening on screen, but it honestly made the kid seem schizophrenic at times. This at least made use of the stellar and colourful animation, which was top-notch, I don't really have anything to criticise about it, I mean, it's no Pixar, but what is?

Alec Baldwin gives a performance as weird and wonderful as Kevin Spacey in last year's 'Nine Lives' with a game voice performance far, far above a man of his talents. Steve Buscemi is even here too as the one of strangest villains in recent memory.

I have nothing else to say about The Boss Baby, it's as weird as it was safe, which is a contradictory statement I know, but there's no other way to explain it. It's a film kids will love, but adults will be bored by.

4/10 Dans

The Boss Baby is out now in cinemas in the UK 
Watch the trailer below:

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