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Unforgettable (2017) - Film Review


*Originally written April 24th, 2017*

Dear sweet Christ. Where do I begin with 'Unforgettable'? The latest film in a line of cheap, poorly made Lifetime films that I'm amazed managed to be released in theaters and get its cast. It's along the same lines as The Girl on the Train, The Boy Next Door and many, many others. They're cheap garbage that really deserve to be played late at night on Channel 5 or shown edited in the afternoon for middle aged women.

Every aspect of this "film" is outrageously poor. The editing is utter garbage, one scene during a dinner where the lead character has flashes of seeing a random woman as another character gave me brain damage. There's no shortage or random and poorly done scenes that come off as laughable to choose from.

Katherine Heigl
It has a trashy premise. A woman finds out her ex-husband is getting engaged and goes to any means possible to destroy the relationship. It goes to some insane places, and not in a good way. Not a single moment feels genuine or thrilling, in fact, it is mostly just laughably bad. I burst out laughing more than a few times, and not with the film, but at it.

My favourite scene was easily when Rosario Dawson is having sex with her husband in a toilet and the shots cut between that and the crazy ex, Katherine Heigl masturbating while messaging Dawson's ex boyfriend through the most innacurate Facebook messenger I've ever seen displayed on film.

All the performances are atrocious. Heigl plays it as a completely one note, cold, heartless psychopath. There is no depth to her character at all, or any of the characters. Every female character is awfully written, they all just talk about men all the time. The entire premise of the film is about two women fighting over one man. It's some of the most absurdy misogynist films I've ever seen in a cinema. The most surprising part about this whole mess is when I found out it was both written and directed by women? What the fuck?

Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl
I said this was like a cheap Lifetime film, and it shows just by looking at it. The direction is flat and lifeless, lacks any kind of cinematic flare or style. It's just bland and feels like it belongs on TV. It reminded me of a trashy film I'd come downstairs and find on TV at 1am on something like the Movies 24/7 channel.

The only thing that mildly impressed me was the score by Toby Chu, which is the only thing that stood out and deserved to be in a much better film. The music used in the film is utter trash too, it gave me horrific flashbacks to watching the Fifty Shades films. Yeah, you know what kind of music I mean.

Unforgettable is ironically the complete opposite of its title. Bland, generic, stupid, boring, mind-numbingly dull, one-note and 100% forgettable. A strong contender for worst film of 2017.

1/10 Dans

Unforgettable is out now in cinemas in the UK
Watch the trailer below:

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