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Castlevania: Season 1 (2017) - TV Review


*Originally written July 8th, 2017*


I have no really history with the Castlevania series. I played about 20 minutes of Lords of Shadow on the Xbox 360 about 6 years ago. So I went into this pretty blank, with not idea what it would be like and any familiarity with the characters. I was also pretty reluctant to watch this due to my general disdain for anime (Fuck anime). 

It was surprising to see I enjoyed this as much as I did. It benefits and suffers from only being around 90 minutes long with 4 short episodes. I felt like I barely had enough time to learn about these characters or even care about them. This is something that could be ammended with a much better second season (Which has been announced), but for the first season, things are pretty hollow, but easy watching.

The animation is pretty gorgeous, I loved the look of everything. There's a variety of grotesque looking creatures and some stylish and gory action. It's also pretty dark, with some really gruesome moments, including an implied baby death, which was pretty cool.

My biggest problem with the show was just how short it was, despite enjoying it far more than I thought I would. I'm not entirely sure why this was even a season of TV due to its short length, it would have easily fared better as a film. The story was pretty simple and straight forward, so it was a shame they really didn't spend much time to flesh out characters that much, making everyone some pretty blank. 

There is a decent musical score throughout, but the voice acting ranges from good to downright awful. Most of the main cast are fine, it's when we get to the minor characters that the vocal performances turn absolutely abhorrent.

I don't have anything else to say. Castlevania was a better videogame adaptation than most, but it suffers from its short length, despite its beautiful animation and stylized violence. Hoping the show will improve a lot more going forward.

6/10 Dans

Castlevania: Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix worldwide
Watch the trailer below:

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