Monday, 31 July 2017

Colombiana (2011) - Film Review


*Originally written July 31st, 2017*

"The Professional"

Originally written as a sequel to Leon: The Profession (seriously), that would have surrounded a grown up Matilda taking revenge on everyone who wronged her and Leon, but was scrapped do to rights issues and they changed the script around to make it an original film. Thank god.

Not that Colombiana is a good film on its own. I'm just thankful that the talent-less hack Olivier Megaton never got his disgusting worse than college level film making on the Leon name. 

I remember seeing Colombiana back when it came out and enjoying it, but I was about 14, so I was a fucktard who didn't know what good action making was. So I was prepared for the worst, but I actually enjoyed it more than I expected. It's not amazing film, but for Megaton, it's a moderately mediocre, but mildly entertaining revenge film.

Zoe Saldana is a decent lead and carries an action role quite well. It's a shame that there's a lack of stuff for her character to do. There are some fun assassination scenes before it explodes into a bombastic finale. 

Megaton even manages to restrain his awful broken shakey-cam action for the most part, delivering some coherency to the set pieces. Don't get me wrong, when anything is close quarters action, it becomes a headache inducing nightmare, but still nowhere near as bad as his awful Taken sequels.

Colombiana is what it is, a watchable, but forgettable action film with some okay action and a decent lead. It's nothing special, but it didn't leave me with a sense of hatred and despair at the end of it, so that's something. Bonus points for using "Hurt" by Johnny Cash at the end.

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