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Kick-Ass (2010) - Film Review


*Originally written September 4th, 2015*

"Show's over, motherfuckers"

Anyone who knows me will be surprised it took me 413 films to get to Kick-Ass. I watched the inferior, but still OK sequel at the beginning of the year, but I held off on re-watching this. Back when I was 13 in 2010, this film was all the rage and I fell in love with it, because I wasn't old enough to see it at the cinema and I wanted to see it so badly, I learned how to use torrents to see it. For some reason there was a DVD quality download back when it was in cinemas? Weird. I made my friends watch this film several times till they hated it, which was my fault, but ah well. This film was my life through my teens.

This was my favourite film for years, before getting dethroned by Fight Club, but guess fucking what. After watching it again, Kick-Ass has re earned its place as my number one of all-time. I thought the law of diminishing returns would take effect on this film after watching it nearly 30 times it must be by now? Easily over 20, but I still get the same joy and I did from watching it for the first time, apart from some iffy special effects due to the low budget and the CGI blood, everything in Kick-Ass is beautiful. 

Matthew Vaughn's style is colourful and gorgeous, his action scenes pack an emotional and artistic punch. That Strobe scene is still my favourite scene in any film ever and while most grown men have the thumbs up in the lava scene from Terminator 2, I have Kick-Ass's strobe scene. It is a thing of beauty, it packed an insane emotional punch that I never thought could be possible from a film like this. John Murphy's remix of Surface of the Sun from Danny Boyle's Sunshine is utterly gorgeous and fits the scene perfectly.

The performances are all excellent, Nicolas Cage gives his best performance in the past 15 years as the Batman wannabe vigilante father that impersonates Adam West's Batman, but becomes him own thing in an awesome action scene set in a warehouse. Aaron-Taylor Johnson who is pretty bland in everything else but this also gives a great performance, brilliantly capturing that every day geek who tries to become a realistic superhero, but fails miserably.

You all know who the real stand-out is of Kick-Ass though, I don't want to hyperbole here, but Chloe Grace Moretz gives what might be the best child performance ever in film history as the scene stealing Hit-Girl. The 12 year old is responsible for the body-count of about 50 people in the run-time and each action scene in memorable and insanely enjoyable. The father daughter relationship between Hit-Girl and Nicolas Cage's Big-Daddy is one of the most endearing and heartbreaking things I've ever seen. I don't usually relate emotionally to any film, but here just meshes together perfectly for me.

I'm completely biased about Kick-Ass, but I'm not even going to pretend i don't love everything about it and after a tiny bit of thinking, I would only be lying to myself if I didn't say this was my favourite film ever. I've seen and loved it dozens of times and I'm going to watch and love it dozens of times more.

10/10 Dans

Kick-Ass is out now on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK
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