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Paterson (2016) - Film Review


*Originally written May 1st, 2017*

I am shook. What a beautiful, beautiful film. This is hard one to recommend to most as I imagine a lot of people would say "Nothing happens", which is right, but this isn't a film about plot or story, it's about one man's struggle of what he really wants to do.

Adam Driver delivers what is probably the best performance of his career, it's so understated, yet powerful. Paterson is a character could just watch for hours, going through his day to day life, listening to different people during his daily journeys as a bus driver at work and his daily visit to the bar at night.

This is such a hard film to talk about, it's simplicity generates so much complexity. It's a look at every day life, it's something we can all relate to. Following around a guy who has a mundane job, but has a hobby as a genuinely good poet and whether he should persue that or not. Like most people, I imagine you have a hobby outside your usual job that you would love to do for a living, but can't. It's drenched in that reality of sadness that you probably can't and ever will do what you love for a living.

Adam Driver as poet and bus driver, Paterson
I loved there was no moments of forced drama or any real conflict at the centre of the film. There is one moment of danger that is quickly resolved and turned out to not be dangerous at all, but for the most part, you're just following the ins and outs of Paterson's life in a week, and it is so strangely engaging and wonderful.

My favourite moments are when he bumps into other poets, including a little girl and she reads him a poem while she is waiting for her mother. Little moments like this that sound boring on paper are bought to life with the incredible and engrossing writing that just took me along for the whole ride.

I wish I had something smarter or more insightful to say about Paterson, but for now I'm having a hard time gathering my thought. I will say Paterson is a masterpiece, although it won't be for everyone. I can't believe the lack of awards recognition this got, especially for Adam Driver, which is a damn shame.

10/10 Dans

Paterson is out now on Blu-ray and DVD now in the UK
Watch the trailer below:

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