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John Wick (2014) - Film Review


*Originally written October 29th, 2015*

Good films by Keanu Reeves are a rare thing, amazing films are even rarer. John Wick is luckily one of those rare Keanu Reeves films where everything just mashes together perfectly, it is a blast in every way. Violent, kinetic and just 95 minutes of pure joy.

Keanu Reeves plays the titular John Wick, a retired whose wife had just recently died and as a last gift, he is given a dog to look after to fill some of that void his wife left. Shortly his prized car is stolen and his dog his killed, leaving way for a sympathy of revenge.

I pretty much loved everything about John Wick, it is everything an action film should be. The action is gorgeously shot and choreographed, all the death is lingered on and mostly all practical, no dodgy CGI or annoying as shit shakey-cam. Olivier Megaton really needs to a take a note or two from this film. Just looked and saw that this was from a first time director too. Wow, this guy has seriously talent.

John Wick being neon lit
Nearly every set-piece was strong and memorable, the story takes about 20 minutes to kick in, but from then on it is just jumping from action scene to action scene. The best of the bunch has to easily be the club scene, which is just beautiful, filled with neon lights and topped with a pulsating and pumping score. It was just a shame that the finale is really lacking and lackluster compared to the insanely high standard that every other action scene that came before it.

The cast are all great, so many memorable faces here like Willem Dafoe, John Leguizamo, Ian McShane, Adrianne Palicki and the always excellent Lance Riddick. Each of these characters served their purpose and the surviving ones have the potential to return to the universe for the announced 'John Wick 2' which is set for next year.

Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Of course then there is the lead, John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves, was he any good, or does he give another wooden and emotionless performance? Thankfully, Reeves was great, while being a cold-blooded and bad-ass killer, he still manages to emote and bring some heart to the role, especially during the early moments when he is grieving over his wife. It was so nice to see Reeves be good again, it's great to have him back too, I just hope this a new beginning for him and he doesn't go back to doing films like The Day the Earth Stood Still.....

John Wick is everything an action film fan could want, filled with so many amazing action scenes, gun-fu, gorgeous settings and one of the best performances of Keanu Reeves' career.

9/10 Dans

John Wick is out now on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK
Watch the trailer below:

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