Monday, 8 May 2017

Crash (2004) - Film Review


*Originally written May 4th, 2017*

This feels like one of Will Smith's disgusting vanity projects along with Collateral Beauty and Seven Pounds. Horrific on every level. But somehow, William Smith was nowhere to be seen.

If this was made today, it would have been critically panned, but somehow, in 2004 it managed to be a best picture winner at the Oscars. Dear, fucking Christ. There is nothing okay about this film. Offensive to anyone of any race anywhere with such a farcical, surface level portrayal of race.

This feels like an incomplete film too. Most these characters don't have a completed arc or anything close to that. It reminded me of Love Actually. Holy shit, that is actually perfect. Crash feels like Richard Curtis trying to make a "serious" film about race, but equally as horrifying and vomit inducing. Every scene is heavy-handed and misguided. The characters arcs range from not racist to racist, or vice-versa, with no real explanation or reason.

Matt Dillon not being racist for 5 minutes and saving Thandie Newton
I, at the very least burst out laughing at times with some deeply unintentionally funny moments. If you've seen it, then the scene with Michael Pena's daughter in the front garden is incredible. Despite watching this on my own, I did verbally proclaim "Fuck off!" several times due to the outrageously coincidental nature of some of the scenes that involved random members of the ensemble cast meeting.

I'd say the weirdest part of this whole ordeal was Ludacris Bridges playing what was essentially his character from the Fast and Furious films, but played straight. It was bizarre and impossible to take him seriously. It was also strange to see Brendan Fraser on screen again, seeing as his career is more or less dead now.

I'd heard nothing but bad things about Crash, but wow, it shook me to the core at just how disgusting and misguided this vile mess of a film was with its heavy handed, after school special treatment of race problems in L.A. By far the worst film I have ever seen to win Best Picture. Good god.

2/10 Dans

Crash is out now on Blu-ray and DVD now in the UK
Watch the trailer below:

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